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The first single on vinyl was edited in 1978. The themes "Há que violentar o sistema"  and "Quero tudo", were recorded in extreme conditions, taking advantage of a hole in the available schedule of the studios (AT) and were the musicians less than 4 hours and practically without appeal to effects, overlapping or folding.
"Dedicada (a quem nos rouba)"  and "Eu não sei"  were edited in the next year and the recordings went on with the same standards, including the same (little) commitment on behalf of the technicians that made the recordings and mixtures, proved by the bad sound in the end result. To the second theme is associated the originality of it being published in double dose, as a way to compensate for its small duration (1 min. & 58 seg.).
The same editor (Metrosom), included still two of the records of "Eu não sei" and "Há que violentar o sistema", in a collection of several artists edited in 1997 in and entitled "Grande Geração do Rock". This last one ("Há que...") and still the theme ("Dedicada..."), can be found included in another collection published in the international market with the title "Killed By Death" (#41-1998 & #007 May-2000).
In March of 2007, Rave-Up Records will release an EP commemorating the 30th birthday of the band. This record contains the 4 themes of the 78/79 singles wich were (re)mastered, and will be published in an limited edition of 500 units in red vinyl.
Versions of some of these themes were made by other parties, namely...
"Eu não sei":
- Ratos de Porão in 2000 (theme included in the album "Sistemados pelo Crucifa").
- Eskizofrénicos in 2008.
"Há que violentar o sistema":
- Speedtrack in 2001 (adapted lyrics).
- Clockwork Boys in late 2005 (theme included in a CD with the title "Arquivo Vol. 1" edited by "Zerowork Records" in 2009).

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