The “Mau-Mau” were conceived as an attempt to give another direction to the musical aesthetic of the band behind their origin, that is to say, the “Aqui d'el-Rock”. They had a very short existence, between the end of 1981 and March 1982, still, in those days, they attained some relevance in the difficult Portuguese contemporary musical scene:
On the 18th December 1981 they participated in the marathon-party of the newspaper “Musicalíssimo” in Vila Franca de Xira.
On the 15th, 16th and 28th December 1981 and on the 04th January 1982, they recorded, in Arnaldo Trindade Studios in Lisbon, their only single, produced by the known radio reporter António Sérgio, which also included the special participation of the guitarist of the "Go Graal Blues Band", João Allain.
On the 13th March 1982, they participated in a program of Radio Station (Rádio Comercial), named "Febre de Sábado de Manhã" ("Saturday Morning Fever"), recorded at the “Nimas” Theatre in Lisbon.
On the 28th March 1982, they participated in the TV Program "Passeio dos Alegres", recorded in the Lumiar Studios of the Portuguese National TV Network (RTP). The 2 themes of the single (Vietsoul and Xangai), due to their link with the eastern culture, inspired the presenter Júlio Isidro, that used them as the soundtrack of that day’s episode.
Two days later, on the 30th March 1982, the “Mau-Mau” were extinguished. During the period of the band’s existence, the following elements passed through the group:
- Oscar Martins ~ voice & guitar
- José Serra ~ drums
- Fernando Gonçalves ~ bass & backing voice
- Alberto Barradas ~ guitar & backing voice
- Carlos Cabral ~ guitar

  Mau-Mau - 1981   Mau-Mau - 1981   Mau-Mau - 1981  
  Mau-Mau - 1981   Mau-Mau - 1981   Mau-Mau - 1981  
  Single - Vietsoul/Xangai, 1982   Vinyl - Vietsoul/Xangai   Single - Vietsoul/Xangai, 1982  
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