Since the time in which José Serra and Fernando Gonçalves joined up, around 1972, in the adventure to form a band and until the date of the formation of Aqui d'el-Rock, there were other elements that participated jointly as musicians in the initial projects Razamanaz, Osiris, etc.), namely:
Toni (voice); José António (bass); José Pais - "Zé Bintoito" (voice); Beto (bass).
Also the friends that accompanied the musicians since always (before, during and after Ad'R) were very important and spiced up the work done.
The due thanks to Jorge, Evaristo, Alfredo, Rui Serra, Silvino, Acácio, Zé da Velha, Juan and all the others...

  Razamanaz - 1974   Razamanaz - 1974   Razamanaz - 1974  
  Osíris & friends - 1976   Aqui d'el-Rock on tour - 1979   Aqui d'el-Rock & friends - 1980  
  Razamanaz, Olivais - 1973   Razamanaz, Olivais - 1974   Razamanaz, Olivais - 1973  
  Osiris - 1976   Osiris, Encarnação - 1977   Osiris - 1976